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Comicon - Level 5 Shoot

What a great opportunity to participate in the show actively and not just behind-the-scenes! For ComiCon Joe Tolerico and Scott Kramer's team had the idea to shoot a bunch of villains with different abilities in their Level 5 cells and display them at the ComiCon booth to create the illusion that visitors were looking inside prison cells.

My role was to play a villain that had the ability to spell out thoughts with his mind. So I pleaded with my captors to "let me out!!!", since I felt that I was only a small fish in the system. It was fun to have the chance to shoot on the Heroes set. Kudos to Scott Kramer and his team for pulling off this production. Grapevine did the special effects in post-production.


Direction, Production: NBC.com Broadband team
Special Effects: