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ARG - The Hunt For Richard Drucker

In fall/winter of 2007-2008, we kept fans busy with the Heroes ARG, "The Hunt for Richard Drucker". The goal was to keep fans engaged with a storyline parallel to the one On-Air. We leaked clues via the 9th Wonders message boards, Hana's blog and Hana's SMS messages. The fans would get weekly tasks they had to solve and they couldn't be difficult enough... they were solved in no time. The scavenger hunt started off with Micah snooping around in Linderman's archive and discovering, that there is a missing link in Hana's family tree and the fans were off to find, who this guy could be and where he was hiding.

On the following pages are the documents I designed, which fans would find on the way through the scavenger hunt to add the pieces to the puzzle.

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